Your Gift of StrengthASC Reference No. A050P072718E

Your Gift of Strength

To the ones who gave you strength

Who lifted you up each time you stumbled

Stood by you through life’s challenges

And pushed you to be the best

The strongest person you can be

Now, at this stage in their lives

It’s time you give them your best

Give back the care to the ones who love you

Give back the strength they have given you

To continue sharing special moments together

Ensure Gold

They’ve experienced loss of strength but ENSURE® Gold helped them restore it.

Here are inspiring strength stories from caregivers and their loved ones.

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ASC Reference No. A029P010819E
Ensure Gold Strength Stories - Stronger Everyday
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"Ever since my Dad had a stroke in 2017, he started losing his appetite and felt weak. He was having difficulty eating solid food that affected his strength and weight. He started drinking ENSURE® Gold 2 to 3 times a day. Then he started to gain weight and felt stronger again. He’s now getting the daily nutrition he needs on his road to full recovery. We are able to enjoy and spend time together again as a family."



Son of Edgar Lee (ENSURE® Gold User, 2017)

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“My mom has a heart ailment. She is lactose intolerant and experienced body weakening because she was not taking any vitamins or other supplements. When she started drinking Ensure ® Gold since January 2018, she started feeling more energetic and stronger.

Kaya pa rin nyang mamalengke nang hindi nahahapo agad at nakakapagasikaso ng aming sari-sari store. Nakakapagluto pa rin sya para sa aming pamilya.

Ensure ® Gold is her daily nutritional supplement that she can drink even if she is lactose intolerant. We are also assured that Ensure ® Gold has a hearty healthy formulation which is beneficial for her. She enjoys doing her daily activities because she gained back her strength.”


Daughter of Gloria Debuque (Ensure Gold user, 2018)

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