Ensure Gold - Restore Strength In Just 8 weeks
Ensure Gold - Discover Strength Stories
Ensure Gold - The Truth About Aging

Introducing Ensure® Gold

An Adult Nutritional Supplement Drink that has:

Ensure Gold with Triple Protein Blend
Triple Protein Blend

Soy, whey and casein provide sustained delivery of amino acids to support muscle synthesis5

Ensure Gold with Complete Balanced Nutrition
Complete and Balanced

Meets the PDRI Macronutrient Distribution recommendation6 and helps reduce the risk of under nutrition by providing adequate levels of essential nutrients

Ensure Gold - Clinically Proven to Restore Strength
Clinically Proven to Restore
Strength within 8 weeks2

ENSURE® Gold is clinically proven to improve strength for faster and stronger recovery


Complete your healthy habits with ENSURE® GOLD

Ensure Gold Nutrition Tips
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Ensure Gold - Ibalik ang Lakas mobileASC Reference No. A050P072718E

Drink 2 glasses of ENSURE® GOLD everyday

ASC Reference No. A029P010819E

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